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Dey’s Cleaning Service

Dey’s Cleaning Service is available for homeowners and small businesses in the Greater Northeast and surrounding Philadelphia Counties.

You work hard all day and do not have the time for the upkeep of your home or apartment, too.  You deserve a nice, clean environment to come home to and relax!  Dey’s Cleaning Service has much to offer you to do just that.  We will do it all for you so you can stop worrying.

Dey’s Cleaning Service also offers seniors (our favorite people) other services besides cleaning.  We are happy to assist or do your:

We are here for YOU!

You can call upon us to provide compassionate, caring  and the best service for you or your aging relative.  With someone that has physical limitations, many basic, everyday household needs can go unattended.  Our goal, here at Dey’s Cleaning Service, is to assist our seniors with the support they need and so deserve.

If you or a loved one is in need of someone to provided the services we offer, contact us today!

Below, you will find ALL the service we offer.  Take a moment to look ~

Available Scheduling:

Fees & Services

15% Discount for Seniors!

(Senior Discount valid for first
four-week, pre-paid, six-month Agreement only)

Question: What does the above ‘small print’ mean?
Answer: Agree to stay with Dey’s Cleaning service for six-months with your fist month completely paid for and you will receive six months at the 15% Senior Discount for six months starting from you initial agreement date.

Question:  What does Dey’s Cleaning Service consider ‘Senior’?

Answer:  60+ years of age.


Price ~ Homes and Apartments:
~  $30 1st hour with each additional hour @ $25 per hour with a two-hour minimum.

~  Each additional 15 minute segment after two-hour minimum  @ any point = $7.50.


~  Small business offices please contact for quote.


~  Natural cleaning products used when available!  We will always ask your permission to use a non-natural product BEFORE use.


~  Painting:  Please contact Dey’s Cleaning Service for Professional Painting Services.  Dey’s Cleaning Services incorporates Caruso Quality Painting, Michael Caruso, who has owned his own family business for 25+ years.


Dey’s Cleaning Service

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Free Consultation!


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